Understanding your needs

With a depth of experience, we broadly understand the environment that you operate in. We find it crucial however to listen to the details of what specific challenges and problems you are facing with your end to end waste system and associated commercial constraints as no two situations are the same.

Solving your problems

From an initial top to bottom survey and audit report throguh to metric based practical improvement steps, we look to both quantify and provide solutions for the continual aim towards best practice.

Choosing the right system

Once we understand aspects that can be improved, typically with a tangible economic payback for you, we will clearly outline some alternatives and can support you through the implementation of anything you choose to progress.

The Jalkin solution

Carefully selected products and services

Cleaning fluids

Consumable items

for example sourcing incontinence pads, bedpans and cleaning products.

Waste disposal equipment

Waste disposal equipment

Choosing the right waste disposal machines and assisting with user training.

Servicing and spare parts


Washers, macerators and other waste handling equipment needs the right servicing for both compliance and efficiency.

Sewage treatment and drainage

Drainage and sewage treatment

We can assist with your responsibilities outside the building as well as inside.

Real impact

A flavour of the positive difference that we have achieved with customers over the years


Drainage and compliance success

We love working with our customers to go far beyond just fixing the issue at hand. Making sure that, in conjunction with our delivery partners, customers understand enough about their equipment and responsibilities that they are far less likely to have a nasty surprise in the years ahead. With a deep understanding of the Environment Agency's drive for compliance and longstanding relationships with primary UK water companies, we always aim to propose solutions that are not just environmentally favourable but also exceed best practice.


Review of waste disposal machines and servicing

Your customer experience is front of mind when we work through alternatives. Closely tied to that is the day to day quality of the working environment for your carers. Supporting the facilities management team's work in waste processing equipment performance up-time by ensuring that the right pieces of the jigsaw are in place, from equipment choice through to user training and maintenance has a tangible impact where it matters.